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Pardon our dust -- I'm using this comm to work on the liquid version of New York Evening (fixed version is currently on [community profile] punditfic).
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Community import success!

All the content from [ profile] andthatstheword has been brought to [community profile] andthatstheword. A couple of LJ-specific entries were deleted, redundant tags were merged, and life is good.

Anyone browsing through old entries may notice that lots of them appear to be posted by DW accounts. That's thanks to the new Claim Your OpenID feature, in which DW entries and comments associated with LJ accounts can be permanently linked to your DW account instead. Instructions here. Give it a try =)
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Welcome to the newly reopened [community profile] andthatstheword!

What to post:

Fictional-universe TDS/TCR fanworks. That is, stories/art/mixes/whatever that take place in the reality where "Stephen Colbert" is for real, Larry Wilmore and John Oliver are both magic, and Jessica Williams' first assignment might actually have gotten her killed.

Tek Jansen fanworks are also welcomed.

Anything else is probably more suited to [community profile] punditfic or [community profile] thosestoriesplus.

How to post:

Give all your posts a standard header (there's an example in the userinfo). Tagging system is modeled on that of [ profile] fakenews_fanfic: tag everything with author, rating, pairing/gen, type (fic? art? etc), and (optionally) series.

If you need a tag created, comment on this post and we'll hook you up.

The modly "to do" list:

1. Engineer a more high-tech layout.
2. When community imports are open to all, copy over the content from [ profile] andthatstheword.
3. Post a lot.
4. ?????
5. Profit!

Questions? Comments? Requests?

Leave them here and they'll be answered ASAP :)
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'Sup, everyone? Welcome to [community profile] andthatstheword, making its grand debut on Dreamwidth with an introductory post.


As the buggy userinfo says, this is a Colbert Report-themed, fanwork-centric, meta-friendly community. If you laugh at the character "Stephen Colbert", or secretly lust after him, or just kind of want to take him home and tuck him in and feed him soup, this is the comm for you.

It's also the comm for bullet fans. (Hint, hint.)

Anything related to the characters of TCR is welcome here. Fiction, artwork, vids, episode discussions, fifty-page theses (*cough*), moments of flail . . . you name it, you can post it. And "you" does in fact mean you, dear reader. This isn't a one-person comm, just a small one. far. (*fly hands*)

Still not sure how the tagging system is going to work. Just come on in and do whatever you like, and we'll figure out how to label it later.

That's what she said?

And if you haven't thought of any actual content to post yet . . . why not start with an introduction?


And that's the WØRD. We'll be right back.


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