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Shout*For, Act II, Chapter 13: The Rising

Title: Shout*For, Act II, Chapter 13: The Rising
Characters/Pairings: Jon/"Stephen", Jimmy/Tina, Olivia/Kristen, Brian, Charlene, Trevor Potter, family, others
Rating: PG-13
Contents: Discussion of child abuse
Disclaimer: See series Table of Contents.

Olivia's got all her ducks in a row, personally and professionally, and is set to make a fresh start. Meanwhile, Stephen still has some serious hurdles to climb...but now he has Jon's ruthless, righteous ferocity on his side, and there are more allies to be found when he gets brave enough to start looking.

With a cameo from Stephanie Tubbs Jones. The details of legal emancipation for child actors are based largely on the memoir Diary of a Stage Mother's Daughter by Melissa Francis. Those events happened in the 1980s, and don't line up with 2011 law as I understand it (if, indeed, they were strictly in line with 198X law in the first place); but hey, it's already an AU.

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