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Shout*For, Act II, Chapter 15/15: Born To Run

Title: Shout*For, Act II, Chapter 15/15: Born To Run
Characters/Pairings: Jon/"Stephen", Jimmy(/Tina), Olivia(/Kristen), Tucker, cameos, OCs.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: See series Table of Contents.

Oh, baby, this town rips the bones from your back, it's a death trap, it's a suicide rap — we gotta get out while we're young.

(The final chapter. In which, among other things, we finally get to see this universe's Daily Show.)

Two interviews referenced, but watch them after reading, to avoid spoilers: one, two. And people would indeed do Jimmy and marry Stephen.

The big showstopper song: They Don't Know About Us.

And the medley at the end: Just The Way We Roll, Defying Gravity, All That Heaven Will Allow, A Whole New World, Ever Ever After, Born To Run, Cover Me, I'll Cover You, and Without Love.

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