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Check it out, I wrote some actual organized meta :D

Okay, semi-organized. It's a collection of thoughts on liberal!"Stephen".

Background, for those of you just tuning in: On October 2, 2007, TCR flashed briefly into an alternate universe. The Wørd: Troops Out Now. The host: a pipe-smoking long-haired peacenik hippie version of the straightlaced conservative character we know and love.

There's obviously a wealth of possibility with this guy. (Fellow liberals, ILU, but you know we are totally mockable.) But there's only so much characterization you can get out of one short clip.

So this is where I get the rest.

Geoffrey Jellineck, xkcd, Desperate Housewives, game theory, and Microsoft under the cut )
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Title: Or You Could Show Him How To Work Your Nail Guns
Rating: G
Characters/pairings: Tad/Bobby, Stephen

Summary: A fluffy double drabble (i.e., 200 words exactly, not counting the title), written for one of the unclaimed prompts over at [ profile] lgbtfest: 1086. Punditslash, Tad/Bobby, Something happens and now Stephen knows about their relationship. How do they handle being out to their boss, and how does Stephen's own repressed sexuality come into play?

( In the summer when Bobby turned six, his parents got an addition built on their house. )

Title: The Pun Was Too Good T'Eschew
Rating: PG (innuendo)
Characters/pairings: Stephen, Meg

Summary: And another, with a slightly sadistic twist: 1079. Punditslash, Character!Stephen Colbert and Meg the intern, To Stephen, hitting on women is a way to force his sexuality into line. When Meg refuses his advances on the grounds that she's a lesbian (and it's *sexual harassment*) he decides that they can 'help' each other become straight. Meg is forced to teach Stephen a few things.

(You may want to do some background reading first.)

( 'Better do something heterosexual, just to make sure.' )
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Title: The Colboard Report - The WØRD
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Follow the links. In short, not mine.

Done for the Colboard Report, the fan-produced series of segments that helped TCR addicts on the old Colbert Nation forum make it through a long cold show-free vacation.

December 27, 2006 - Move On
December 28, 2006 - Finally
December 29, 2006 - Jon Stewartized
January 2, 2007 - Simple
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Title: George's World
Rating: PG
Warnings: Tantrums, time snarls, scaring, swearing, character death (he gets better), character deconstruction, general mindf@#kery
Series: The Colbert Report, Doctor Who

Jack, Ten, and teenage Stephen, from this 'verse, make an accidental hop and end up in this one — just in time for a creepy temporal phenomenon to tear the groups apart. Can ickle!Stephen take care of five-year-old George? Can the Doctor earn the trust of George's very panicky father? Will Jack stop making dying look sexy? (...probably not.)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
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Title: Real Americans
Rating: PG-13 (violence)
Disclaimer: This is a work of parody. Dialog, actions, and content are the product of the author's imagination only. Fictional characters are not mine.

After Monday's very angry TDS, Stephen makes the mistake that sets Jon off.

The pacing of this is shot, but it was cathartic to draw.

Real Americans...
by ~sailorptah on deviantART

See, here's the thing: All the details here are all factual, though the real Jon would never lash out with them like this. The man got a USO award for the stuff he does with wounded soldiers, and he never so much as talks about it, even when his support of the troops is disparaged on the grounds of his being a liberal. So, uh, metaphorically roughing someone up on his behalf? Kinda felt good.
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After the mild disaster that was yesterday's official unofficial official "fan" fiction, I think we could all use a palate-cleanser.

This one is another "character!Stephen secretly writes self-insert" story, and my personal favorite. It is screamingly funny.

Betwixt Lórien and Rivendell
By: Romulus Fang
Rating: Teen (mild language)

'The name's Stephen Colbert,' said the stranger, offering his hand, which Gandalf ignored because it was not a custom with which he had any familiarity. 'I've come to help you defeat Sauron.' )
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Initially, Colbert Nation featured three parody fics. Two more were added later. This is one of the later additions.

I still have a lingering suspicion that the later fics were produced as some kind of weird sponsorship deal. This one is basically RPF about Bam Margera, with a whole lot of cringe-worthy skateboarding jargon and not a lot of funny.

Worst of all, Stephen only gets a couple of token mentions. The end of this part foreshadows some kind of Epic Skateboarding Showdown between Stephen and Mr. Margera; but, like "The Time Machine," it will never actually be continued.

Given this beginning, would you have wanted to keep reading? Or does the rating say it all?

Trouble On Skateboard Mountain:
Part 1: "Who's Afraid of the Big Bam Wolf (Margera)?"
By: Roger Rossier
Rating: A (arduous)

While watching Stephen Colbert fly away in a plane that was surely powered by the force of his skateboarding within, I landed a 50-50 grind on a perfectly waxed curb, followed by a disco flip, which I turned into a smith grind. )
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Once upon a time From its founding until late 2008, billed itself as "The #1 and #2 Colbert Report Fan Site." And, like any proper parody fan site, it contained parody fanfiction. Now that the site has dropped the pretense, the fic is gone too. But you can't let gems like these be lost to obscurity.

First up, a story featuring such a glorified self-insert (to which even Abraham Lincoln must bow!) that you can almost imagine character!Stephen writing it, except of course that he wouldn't misspell his own name . . .

The Time Machine, Part 1
By: Anonymous fan
Rating: Teen (mild language)

Steven cut him with a sharp glance at his time machine. 'Who do you think really wrote the Declaration of Independence?' )
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Medium: Art
Rating: G through and through
Disclaimer: This is a work of parody. Although reference is made to real persons, the actions and content are subjects of the author's imagination only.

Three cute pictures inspired by last week's interview with one of my favorite guests.

'You look so summery and so nattily dressed, like we're about to go boating.' )
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Medium: Mix
Title: Tyrone Hunnibi (hypothetically)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Sexytalk.
Disclaimer: This is a work of parody. Although reference is made to real persons, the content is the product of the mixer's imagination only.

A mix for Stephen's flamboyant gay partygoing druggie pornstar side. Y'know, if he had one. Which he totally doesn't.

This preview cover is cropped; the whole thing isn't explicit, just slightly racy. (Short shorts, large bulge.) There's a slightly larger version of the artwork here.

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints - the sinners are much more fun. )
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Medium: Fiction
Title: Keeping Up Appearances
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Reference to LSD usage.
Disclaimer: Follow the fake cut.
Summary/Notes: After an eye-opening accidental LSD trip, Stephen's public persona has an existential crisis. (Please note that this is entirely about the character. Actor!Stephen doesn't come into it.)

For more detailed notes, follow the fake cut.

( "I'm not a person, Jon; I'm a cutout to fit in a host-shaped hole. La programme, c'est moi." )


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