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Shout*For, Act II, Chapter 2: Dancing In The Dark

Title: Shout*For, Act II, Chapter 2: Dancing In The Dark
Characters/Pairings: Jon/"Stephen", Jimmy, Olivia(/Kristen), cameos, OCs.
Rating: R
Contents: Emotional abuse, non-con events (mostly offscreen)
Disclaimer: See series Table of Contents.

Dicey goings-on at the band's album release party. Jon stews all by himself, Olivia flutters from drink to drink, and Stephen is more popular than he wants to be. And what did Stephen do while he was sleepwalking?

Features a new Newsroom cameo; all you need to know about Leona Lansing is that she's played by Jane Fonda.

( Read on DW | Read on the AO3 )

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